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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Doing too Much Care, Get too Much Hurt

I don't know why this word so perturb my mind
I didn't know why I've done it too much for all these times
Caring,  loving and worrying...
Yeah,  I just had realized that I've done them too much

That's a wise word said that
"doing too much care,  will get to much hurt."
Yeah,  I knew it's true.

I had realized that one day I would got hurt
I had realized that one day I would be dissappointed

And I've just got such a thing
At this time,  I'm feeling those all

But why I can't stop caring?
But why I can't stop worrying?

Knowing something wrong,  but I can do nothing to fix this
Knowing the truth,  but I can't reveal it

Pretending like I know nothing
It's so hurt, really hurt me the most
What I should do now?
It's so complicated.

Tana Paser,
November 21th,  2016
At 20.20 p.m